• Without water, humans can die in a few days.One should always have a plan in case water runs out.Storing water in containers at home and having a rainwater tank is a good idea.In case of emergency, shelter plans should also be well thought out and prepared beforehand.We should always have a place to bug out to when things go wrong.DebtTo prepare for this you should consider your budget and immediately start reducing debts as much as possible.Use a layering process, repay the debt with the highest interest first.This will usually be the credit card and once repaid you should ceremonially destroy it.To help clear the credit cards you can conduct a household Stuff Audit and sell any Stuff you no longer need of have not used for over 12 months.The moral is to stop accumulating debt by accumulation more unnecessary Stuff.Once clear of the debts build an emergency fund so that you have some cash to carry you for a while if your become unemployed.By doing this now you could use the profits to accelerate the debt repayment and to build your reserves.If you are relying on just one source of income, then you are putting your eggs in one basket and taking a massive risk if an economic collapse happens.The problem is that most people think that it is ok to have just one income stream, it isn’t as sooner or later you will be in a lot of pain if you rely on only one revenue stream.Clothing, personal hygiene and toolsDurable clothing is essential for survival.Maintaining personal hygiene standards is your protection against disease and infection.To improve your chances of survival you need to stay healthy.Having access to some basic tools may significantly add to your ability to survive.These tools may be difficult to get in a time of crisis so prior preparation is important.By considering different scenarios you create a level of flexibility in your plan and can gather the resources necessary to create options.You may be thinking that this is all an overreaction, and that the government will come to the rescue.After all they provided you with money during the Covid crisis.Yes, that is a strategy but is it the best one.What happens if they don’t?What happened in the last Great Depression?What will money be worth if they just keep printing it, will businesses want to accept fiat currency in a hyper inflationary environment.We have seen this movie before and there isn’t a happy ending.Here is a list of things for you to consider, it’s not an exhaustive list but may be a good starting point and will get you thinking the right way.Downsizing you home to reduce or eliminate your mortgage.Children can share a bedroom, I did, and it didn’t harm me too much.If you move, consider your transport needs.Good public transport and access to supplies may be better that owning two cars.If you have 2 cars consider selling them and buying one that better suits your future needs, don’t borrow, pay cash for it.Accumulate extra funds by selling surplus stuff.Destroy your credit cards.If you can’t pay cash or debit card, then you need to save up first.Cut back on the number of meals out and trips to the coffee shop.Cancel any thoughts of an overseas holiday and consider a staycation.Don’t waste food, learn to make meals from leftovers.Learn to budget and create a financial spending plan.Review all unnecessary spending, mobile phones, memberships, subscriptions.Review and save money by changing suppliers of internet, telephones, insurance, and utilities.Buy in bulk where possible.Start stockpiling and build up a little every month.Look for discounts and try to only buy bulk when the item is discounted.There is a lot of information available on You Tube.Build a vertical garden is space is limitedWhere possible have some chickens or quail providing both meat and eggs.Repair as much as possible.Try to resist going out too much.Every trip out costs money and often encourages unnecessary purchases.Reduce heating costs by improving the insulation.When should you start your survivornomics campaign?This question is best answered as follows, there are two best times to plant an orchard, the first is 5 years ago and the second is today.What is stopping you from starting today?Call for a family meeting now.Expand your SkillsIt is important to learn the skills that can help you provide for your family.Having equipment, gadgets, and tools without the skills to use them is pointless.The best first aid kit will be useless unless you have the knowledge and skills to use it.Additionally, the skills you possess may also have value to others.You may barter your skills for things they have that you need.Why not complete a family skills audit and identify what you can do as a family unit and what you can’t?PracticeLearning new skills is one thing, being proficient in those skills is another and requires practice.Practice is the learning process of doing.Theory is fine but if you can’t apply the knowledge then it is useless.Water purificationHumans can survive weeks without food but only days without water.Where would you get water if the water supply suddenly stopped flowing out of your taps.Is there a nearby source of clean water you be able to boil water for consumption.Water storage and purifications knowledge is a must have skill.Bulk food storage and record keepingWithout adequate stores of food, you are almost guaranteeing your demise.Learn how to store, protect and rotating your supplies.Gardening and pest controlIn order extend your food supplies and replace consumed supplies it is important to have an understanding on how to grow your own food in small urban spaces or the country.Take care when buying seeds and make sure you collect heirloom seeds rather than hybrid seeds.Seeds collected from hybrid plants are infertile.Sprouting seeds for fresh greens all yearFresh sprouts are full of vitamins and minerals that aren’t readily available in the unsprouted seed.Sprouting allows you to have fresh greens even in winter and will expand the bulk of your food storage many times over without any extra expense to you.Local food foraging and identifying poisonous plants and fungiIt is surprising how much food can be found in both urban areas as well as the country.There are plants we generally regard as a weed, such as the common dandelion that are very nutritious.There are also many deadly plants.Most environments have both and it is very important that you learn which is which.In this circulating system, fish waste acts as a natural fertilizer for plants, plants then take up those nutrients and return clean water to the fish.Aquaponics is especially valuable in areas where land and water aren’t plentiful.Aquaponics is beneficial for everyone who wants to grow food, and it can be done just about anywhere that has access to clean water and enough energy to operate a small pump.You may want to keep bees for the delicious fresh honey they produce, for the benefits of their valuable services as pollinators for your crops.You can keep honeybees successfully almost anywhere with relatively little trouble and a minimum of expense.The best way to learn is to join a local bee keeping club.Raising chicken, duck, rabbit, and sheepRaising livestock for food is a way to ensure sustenance during difficult times.HuntingLearning to hunt both small and large game will also add to your chances of survival.Most people have very few if any hunting skills.The best time to learn these skills is before you need them.TrappingTrapping is easier under survival conditions than hunting.Setting a trap allows you to save time and increases your chances of success.Learn to build and set traps and snares over a weekend, it’s not difficult.ButcheryHaving a good set of butcher knives and a cleaver will make the process much easier.Different knives do different jobs so having the right tool in important.Learning to harvest fresh game from rabbit, chicken, fish or goat is important.Preserving foodFood preservation is an important survival skill.Wasting food in a crisis must be avoided where possible.Fresh food without refrigeration will spoil quickly.Fire lighting without matches or lighterThe best way to start a fire is with matches or a lighter.What if you don’t have any?There are other ways that work but are much harder to do.First aid and emergency medical careEveryone should have first aid training.Many communities provide this training via adult education courses.Building a comprehensive first aid kit is also necessary.Striking vulnerable points, biting, and eye gouging are simple and effective techniques that can be learned quickly and, when applied with aggression and precision, can bring down the most determined attacker and give you space and time to escape.Home securityDuring an economic collapse, a lot of people [will](https://gitee.com/uk_b6a6/sync/wikis/Nursery Management Systems) be angry and a lot of them will go out on the streets.While most protests will be peaceful things can change very quickly.Some people will seize the opportunity to start looting and this can develop into a free for all.Securing your home should be a priority.After Argentina’s economy collapsed in 1998, the crime rate nearly tripled.Protecting your home, family, and yourself is a priority.Basic mechanics, carpentry, welding, plumbing and electricsThere are many courses you can attend to get some level of training, but you can’t learn it all.Who in your group has some of these skills that you can rely on if necessary?What is the shortfall and how can you cover the gaps?Tools, rope, and handy knotsStart building a survival toolbox of basic tools, this will include hammers, saws, drills, screwdrivers, winches, vise grips, wire cutters, and files.Make sure you know how to use, maintain, and repair them.Having a supply of rope and a library of handy knots will make life easier and is something that can be learnt quickly and cheaply.Generating power, solar, wind or hydroIt is possible to survive without electrical power however having power will make life a lot easier.Having a simple solar setup is inexpensive and easy to implement.Producing biogasA biogas plant is an anaerobic digester of organic material for the purposes of treating waste and concurrently generating biogas fuel.It is possible to produce your own bio diesel however some additional chemicals and equipment is required.Sewing, weaving, spinning, and knittingProducing and repairing clothes is an important skill during an extended crisis.Alternate cooking systemsA solar oven can be made from a box that has been painted with a matt black on the outside and lined with aluminium foil on the inside.You place the food to be cooked into the box and then cover the top with a pane of glass.To increase its effectiveness, it is necessary to add a reflector plate to direct additional solar energy into the cook box and increase the cooking temperature.Your support networkYou can’t know everything and hold every skill needed.It is best to build a community of people who can help you in a crisis by having skills you lack.Get to know your neighbors and their skillset.Talk to them about helping each other in the event of a crisis.CautionBe careful how much you divulge about your plans.Remember the need for security.If people talk about your plans and it becomes common knowledge then you will become the go to person when others run out of supplies.This creates and additional security risk.What could you invest in well before the crisis starts?The time to purchase home fire insurance is before the fire starts.The same applies to preparing for a major crisis.

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